The Cat Language Bible – Start communicating with your cat

What is your cat trying to tell you?

What is your cat trying to tell you?

It has been 5,300 years of domestication and we still have not learned to communicate with our feline family members.


Every cat lover will tell you that they think their feline friends love them more than anyone else does. They meet you at the door, wag their little (or long) tails when they see you coming up the stairs, and they hop right in bed with you for a goodnight cuddle. Nothing brings them more joy than being near you. Even when you lose your patience with them, they still give you a second chance. They know they can make you love them.


If you are a cat ‘parent’ you must have noted the lengths that your furry baby will go to get your attention at times. They purr, meow, and even refuse to leave your side. You probably always dismiss it as the usual way your baby lets out. But are you trying to understand her language? Are you making any effort to decode your cat’s behavior? With the brand new e-book The Cat Language Bible you can finally understand your cat!
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The Cat Language Bible

Your feline friend has you figured out.Here is the truth about the Cat-Human relationship. Your feline friend has you figured out. They understand your emotions, your reactions, the tone of your voice, even your facial reactions. This is wisdom according to Animal Communication Scientist, Jonas Jurgella, who has spent 14 years studying human and animal relationships.
Your cat longs to feel closer to you, which is why they give you the eye to know what your mood is. If you look closely when you summon him with a stern voice, the hair on his back perks up in reaction. He knows mommy means business!

Even more interesting is research from Japan that shows the ability of your cat to understand your language. He identifies your name, his name, and even some basic commands. They also can eavesdrop with the best of them!


Jonas Jurgella has discussed these findings extensively in the following video

Do We Give back as much as we receive?

Cats are habitual hunters. They belong to the group of other cats such as the tigers, lions, and cheetahs. Years of domestication have made them let go of their most powerful weapon, silence, to communicate with us in a way that meets us halfway.
Cat Language Bible ebook is now availableThey purr and meow because they know that we are incapable of understanding their silent exchange. The question is: Are we, caregivers, meeting them halfway? Sadly not. We are not doing nearly enough to understand their language.

It may surprise you that your furry friend is always telling you that they love you in gestures. Do you believe me when I say there is a way you can return the gesture? In Jonas Jurgella’s e-book, you will learn hundreds of gestures that will help you decode your cat’s language. You will understand the meaning of their meowing. You will know when they are in pain and when they are simply happy. And you will also learn why they purr.

The e-book lets you know how you can tell that your feline baby wants to play and when they want to be left alone (surprisingly, they have their moments too). Click here for a chance to learn the most effective way to converse with your furry baby.


Decoding Your Cat’s Behavior

As noted above, wild felines are naturally quiet animals. They operate in silence because by nature they are efficient hunters. For them to earn their meal, they have to work quietly and diligently. This is no different from your domesticated feline child. If you watch carefully, they do not meow or purr to fellow cats. Instead, they use their silent language that we humans are not privy to (seeing that we are yet to decode their voiced communication).

They purr differently when they want to convey an urgent message.When kitty wants to be left alone, they let out an urgent ‘meaw.’ Yes, that is not a typo. They purr differently when they want to convey an urgent message. When she is sad, in pain, or lonely, they will let out the frustrated ‘meaw’ to alert you. They will not be as quick as they usually are to jump into your bed or to cuddle on your laps. They need love the most at this point, just like a child.

When kitty is happy, she will let you know with her constant content purring and loving meow. She will cuddle up to you immediately and even keep brushing against your feet as you rush through dinner. One more thing is that cats are extremely manipulative, they know how to make you play with them, even when you have other ideas. They will curl up on your laptop in a sort of dare so that you can engage them. They are sneaky like that, but isn’t that what brings sunshine to our days?


Are All Meows Equal?

A cat’s meows are not the same, though you may not have noticed. Research shows that cats make up to 20 different sounds, all of which differ in pitch and volume. They raise their voices when in distress but are gentle when they are showing love. The e-book explains these differences in depth.

Learn to listen to their meows and to decode their meaning.How Do You Scold?

Did you know that when you raise your voice, it traumatizes your cat? Because of their nature, an angry raised voice stays with your cat longer than it does a young child. They are domesticated hunters, and so they would rather operate in silence. If you often raise your voice to reprimand your cat, it would be advisable that you refrain from it and use any of the methods in The Cat Language Bible e-book.

Our feline friends are friendly creatures who ask so little of us. They are content with getting just a bit of love from you, which they return tenfold. Sure they like to play, so why not indulge them a little. Learn to listen to their meows and to decode their meaning.

Are You Ready?

If you want to take the relationship with your furry friend to the next level, a level where you understand them as well as they do you, the Cat Language Bible will be a great asset. It is backed by years of research and interaction with animals. It will teach you how to ‘talk’ to your cat.

You may ask now how much does this book full of research cost you? All this knowledge about your feline friend can be yours right now for as low as $27 (limited introductory price). In addition The Cat Language Bible comes with three free bonus guides to help you maximize your new abilities to understand your cat.

Are you a cat owner? Do you want to understand your cat better? Then get The Cat Language Bible. It teaches exactly what it says: the language of cat.

Cat Language Bible ebook is now available
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